Friday, July 11, 2008

Sitting high?

The vacation at the beach house has been just the thing we needed to give us a break after a month of working pretty hard on the house. While we're here, Shaun from Top Notch construction is finishing up the details in our kitchen and bathrooms and laying bamboo floors in the rest of the house. While I'm grateful for the break, I'm really curious to learn how things are going!

In the meantime, there's only one piece of the house I'm stressing about - the breakfast bar. Paul and Shaun debated for quite a while about how high to make the bar that sits between the kitchen and dining room. They settled on 47 inches. Why? Because when we tile the kitchen backsplash, that will leave room for two full 4-inch tiles between the kitchen counter and the raised bar. Fast forward two weeks. I start looking for bar stools and realize that standard bar height is actually 42 inches. Why didn't I think of looking this up before? I'll blame my pregnant brain. In any case, now I'm stuck with having to find extra tall bar stools. And of course they're significantly more expensive than normal bar stools.

My current top choice are these industrial-looking chairs from All Barstools. I'm thinking the look could be cool with our bamboo floors, especially if I can make/find some cool cushions for them.

I've also heard Pottery Barn has some cool-looking tall stools. I'm hoping I can find some on sale!

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Megan said...

love the stools!! go for it....the "mod" industrial look fits with your inspiration image almost exactly and to be honest I think they could work well even without cushions.....of course it depends on how the old rumpus feels on them...but it might be an option!