Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just when it seems it will never end...

We finally made some progress! Our contractor Sean is letting Paul borrow his battery-operated brad nailer, which has increased the speed of the bamboo-floor-laying considerably. On top of that, the kitchen cabinets are being hung, the dining room wall is down, and the bathrooms are being tiled. In short, it's finally looking like a house again.

I'm quite happy with how the tile in the guest bathtub had turned out! I gambled and picked up a box of thin white tiles to make a stripe inside the bath. I was hoping it would tie in the edge tiles (which I could only find stocked in white, and didn't want to special order.)

The next dilemma - kitchen lighting. We've decided to go with a ceiling fan (ugly, but a good move in a house with no A/C), pendants above the breakfast bar, and a light fixture above the sink. Finding them all to match in a style we like is hard work. And of course the pendants I like from Lowe's aren't sold in New York. Next stop - ebay. And tonight, test paint swatches go up in the living room and kitchen.

Kitchen taking shape

Guest bath


A2Girl said...

wooo hooooo looks so awesome - I love the tile and the kitchen looks like a sheri kitchen!! good work you two!

becoming-home said...

Great job! I can't believe you're doing this while pregnant... I almost had several nervous breakdowns during our remodeling process, and that was before being pregnant, hormonal and uncomfortable :)

I feel the same way you do about ceiling fans, I hate them with a passion, but they are a necessary evil with no central AC. We got a stainless steel modern looking one for our kitchen, and its the only one in the house that doesn't make me want to cover my eyes.

It did come with a light kit, but we installed without it because we didn't need more overhead lighting:

I look forward to following your progress!

The Hall said...

a2girl - thanks! it actually feels like a Sheri-kitchen too, which is kind of amazing.

becoming-home - LOVE your site, and your ceiling fan. It's so sleek-looking.